Advanced Technological Research and Development of Software Applications for Agile Businesses


Research and Development Software Engineering company working on projects for startups as well as Fortune 500 multi-nationals. Many of these engagements resulted in the transfer of intellectual property such as patents.


Advanced Software Applications


We mastered the art of faking it before making it! If you want to find out whether your business idea will be successful, contact us and we will help you assess the market.

Rapid Prototyping

We use a group of software techniques to develop quickly and at low cost a prototype that will allow you to go to market in no time! And then, we will build on that.

Software Product Building

We develop software from start to finish. Ww will implement your business idea of a product or a service. We will design the software and make them work for the needs of your business.

Process Automation

We have long experience in automating business processes, so that you can save time and money. Our processes are currently used in businesses across the globe.

Customer Development

In the first stages of building a product or a service, we provide the necessary support in customer development. We are happy to conduct the initial customer interviews and carve your future market.

ios Apps

We specialise on the development of IOS Applications for iPhone and iPad. We have been working in collaboration with Apple, since the first ipads appeared in circulation.

Technology Strategy

We provide educated advice to companies who want to expand in new markets with innovative products or services. We help design their technological strategy and define their business direction.


We are happy to invest in tech B2B startups who need technological support and advice from an experienced team. Saas is our bread and butter!


Insights Through Visualisation

Visualising complex information has been a theme throughout Musoft's history. Our first consulting gig was to help develop a graphics editor for Realtime console graphics onto factory control system. More recently we contributed in the area of visualising insight from process analytics. Paul (our CEO) becoming a named inventor on several patents for our client.

A diagram can more accurately and rapidly convey insights than thousands of numbers. Not only time series data, but also graph networks that are used to model the complex relationships between things and also people. We have development powerful techniques for searching, navigating and modifying these networks of relationships.

Realtime Visual Web

More of our work is required to update in realtime and be delivered with web reach. Browser based views that are continuously updated over persistent connections. Real-time server being pumped with live data from many sources. Frameworks and platforms we have relied on for more than a decade are struggling to respond. New frameworks based on tried and true but recently neglected techniques such as functional programming are starting to come to the fore.

We aim to be in the vanguard of using these new techniques that allow millions of open connections, perfect for the realtime web. An explosion in innovation and competition in recent years has seen universal cross-browser support for real time. Front-end frameworks that support realtime are being rapidly adopted.

A recent project has been to architect a framework for high performance realtime graphics using the latest innovations in web technologies.










Some of our Clients may be bigger than others. All of them matter to us equally!

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